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Salt Surf & Lift Together

Salt is an empowering and supportive community for all types of women to be comfortable within their womanhood. Salt is a surf shop and gym that provides a safe and motivational space for  women to train during the off season. Salt aims to create a future of empowered and uplifted women.


Branding Design

Art Direction

Motion Design



Logo Design

Brand Identity

Logo Animation

Ad Campaign

Logo Animation

The animation movement reflects a wavy tone and a bold surfboard-like movement.

Promotional Ad Campaign

This promotional ad campaign is for Salt's social media to showcase the start-up brand and help engage a larger audience to their brand. I highlighted Salt's inclusivity and female empowerment side to their brand.

The Process

Logo Design


The logo design consists of a custom-made typeface to add uniqueness to the brand. The curved ligatures add a wavy and feminine look to the brand while the thick body adds a bold style.

Artboard 39-100.jpg

The name of the brand "Salt" was derived from the salt water the surfers surf in and the salty sweat that the surfers produce from their training. Salt was then turned into an acronym standing for "Surf And Lift Together," to help depict the brand at a glance.

Colour Palette





The colour palette is a mix of blues and pinks, for the girly girl and the tomboy. The palette gives off feelings of strength and power, with its deep tones as well as feelings of warmth and welcoming, contrasted with the lighter tones.



The primary type, Sansita, maintains the boldness of the brand while as well as a wavy look with the curved ligatures and body. The secondary typeface is Roboto, this sans serif adds grounding to Sansita when paired together.

Brand Pyramid


Brand Personality


Brand Essence

We create an inclusive and welcoming community

Brand Expression

Empowering and Supportive- a place for all women

Brand Tagline

Babes Against Bullsh*t

Salt is a mix between girly girl and tomboy, we are sporty yet feminine. If this brand were an animal it would be a lioness, strong and powerful but underrated and overshadowed by lions. Our tone of voice is sassy and direct. We are powerful, positive and confident.

Point of Difference

Salt focused on creating a community of female surfers. Our gym caters to female surfers who want to practice their surfing techniques during the off season. Our brand personality also stands out among our competitors as we maintain a sassy and direct tone of voice.

Logo Sketches


Case Study Video

Case Study

Watch my process as I create the brand design for Salt.

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