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4 Optimizing

4 Optimizing provides guilt-free desserts that allows athletes to enjoy a delicious snack everyday without having to harm their health. They focus on optimizing the food that you put into your body and providing healthy solutions.


Branding Design

Art Direction

Motion Design

Package Design


Logo Design

Brand Identity

Package Design

Social Media Assets


Lea Kwon

Keiko Li

Yura Ten

Nikki Keller

Package Design

We created fun and playful illustrations that showcase all the ingredients used to make the products. This was done to demonstrate the transparency of the clean and natural ingredients used. The label on the package design carries out a premium look with its minimalistic appearance. 

Social Media Assets


We created various social media posts that show who the brand is while maintaining the design style from the package design. We mixed in grey posts that contain a minimalistic style to add a premium feeling to the social media.

Logo Animation

We created a six second logo animation that incorporates lots of movement and energy as our demographic consists of athletes.

The Process

Logo Design


The 4 Optimizing logo consists of a bold and strong typeface that represents the athletic feeling of the company. The type encircles around the 4 to make the shape of an O for Optimizing. The 4 is paired with a thin outline to add dimension and a feelings of movement and energy. 

Colour Palette


The designs consist of active and bright colours, that will help the user differentiate different flavours.



We used fonts that added personal and welcoming looks with rounded edges and thicker weights in contrast to the logo.

Brand Pyramid


Brand Personality

Blind Designs _ Proposal.png

Brand Essence

Healthy snacks that focus on optimizing the food you put into your body.

Brand Expression

Healthy and Premium.

Brand Tagline

Enjoy a tasty dessert without the guilt.

4 Optimizing is active, healthy and premium. 4 Optimizing helps educate their users on proper body nourishment. If 4 Optimizing was a person, they would be an athlete that focuses on living a healthy lifestyle and encourages those around them to do the same.

Logo Sketches

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