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The Garden Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

The Garden is a sexy, magical and romantic place for loved ones to enjoy a special evening together. At The Garden, we believe every dining experience should be full of passion and magic. 


Branding Design

Art Direction

Motion Design

Graphic Design


Logo Design

Brand Identity

Logo Animation

Logo Animation

This animation features elegant and magical movements to match the tone of the brand.

The Process

Logo Design

The Garden

The Garden is a luxury, upscale restaurant. The logo reflects that with its elegant, one-line illustration. The typeface is a modern sans serif, implemented with leaves representing garden side of the brand.

Colour Palette





The colour palette consists of  earthy greens and neutrals to reflect the brand being an actual garden. Pink was added to represent the loving ambiance while adding a bit of contrast.



Brand Pyramid


Brand Personality


Brand Essence

We create a luxurious and romantic environment.

Brand Expression

Sexy and Magical -a place for loved ones.

Brand Tagline

Dine in Luxury.

The Garden is luxurious, elegant and romantic. There's a romantic and sexy ambiance that will make you want to grab your date's hand or give them a kiss across the table. If The Garden was a place it would be Paris, a place full of love and passion and a place to take your loved one.

Logo Sketches

The Garden Logo Sketches
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